Process Engineering for Chemical PlantEngineering

Process Engineering can be the most attractive part of designing a chemical plant, as we can use the knowledge about technologies and innovation. But it's also the most price-sensitive and the engineers must be skilled and experienced at the same time.

MEC has provide to its Client a complete Process Enginering package for a 30,000 tpa of a Chemical Intermediate plant to be realized in Middle East. The service has included owner engineering, process technology and process engineering.


Our engineers have been involved in:

  • definition of the process technology and concept design
  • definition of H&M balance, PFD and P&ID of the complete chemical plant
  • sizing and design of critical equipment
  • sizing and design of all packages (process and utilities)
  • preparation of the complete set of datasheet

Industry 4.0, which combines digital and physical advanced technologies, can potentially transform the chemicals industry, itself the backbone of many end-market industries. Through the dual areas of business operations and growth, these technologies enable “smart” supply chains and factories, as well as create new business models.

MEC is fully involved in promoting Technologies and Industry 4.0 within Energy market.