Heat Transfer

Heat Transfers play an important role in the chemical and clean energy initiatives. MEC will support clients to develop opportunities, systems and technologies in this sectors, whether is sizing a shell and tube heat exchanger or optimizing the heating and cooling of a complete process.

With 20+ years experience on Heat Transfer Engineering, we deliver:

  • Heat Exchanger Sizing and Design
  • Heat Transfer Modeling with Multiphysics Analysis
  • Process Heating/Cooling Optimization
  • Waste Heat Recovery and Optimization
  • Heat Storage
  • Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency is driving the attention of the Energy world. Optimization in heat transfer applications becomes every day more important as well as its modeling and technologies

For the Heat Transfer Engineering, MEC advises its clients with:

  • Process Technology
  • Complete Engineering Service
  • Technical Consulting
  • Components Supply
  • Expediting and QC Activities