New Technology for H2S RemovalGas processing innovation

For a leading EPC company, MEC and its partner ATP have proposed and developed a new technology for natural gas cleaning with relevant Capex and Opex saving.

The client needed to remove H2S (from 4,000 ppm to <20ppm) and H2O (from 200ppm to zero) to feed the natural gas to a gas engine. MEC and ATP proposed a solution with a single process equipment with innovative technology with low Capex and negligible Opex. The complete package have been realized by ATP.


Our engineers have provided the turn-key solutions:

  • process technology
  • process engineering of the complete package
  • process and mechanical design of the pressure equipment
  • analysis of different technologies and operating scenarios

Industry 4.0, which combines digital and physical advanced technologies, can potentially transform the chemicals industry, itself the backbone of many end-market industries. Through the dual areas of business operations and growth, these technologies enable “smart” supply chains and factories, as well as create new business models.

M77 is fully involved in promoting Technologies and Industry 4.0 within Energy market.