Critical Equipment DesignChemical

MEC performed a detailed process modelling of a proprietary chemical reactor for an hydrogen plant.

The process development for the new prototype reactor has requested a further examinations and confirmations of its fluid-dynamics, mechanical and heat transfer behaviour. The client awarded MEC for the consultant service for a detailed modeling of the proprietary equipment.


Our engineers have established a detailed modeling of the chemical reactor:

  • Heat transfer modeling and detailed thermal engineering;
  • Thermal Modeling by multi-physics analysis;
  • Finite Element Analysis (FEA)  analysis of the reactor with further optimization of its mechanical design;
  • Mechanical calculation as design-by-formula;
  • 3D model of the equipment with full workshop drawings.

Industry 4.0, which combines digital and physical advanced technologies, can potentially transform the chemicals industry, itself the backbone of many end-market industries. Through the dual areas of business operations and growth, these technologies enable “smart” supply chains and factories, as well as create new business models.

MEC is fully involved in promoting Technologies and Industry 4.0 within Energy market.