MEC applies process engineering and technology plus concept-to-completion expertise to ensure optimal returns on investment in all energy projects:

  • Gas Processing
  • LNG
  • GTL (gas-to-liquids)
  • Thermal Solutions: heat recovery systems, energy efficiency, CHP and CHHP
  • Hydrogen and Syngas processing

We have also experience across the key renewables sectors (solar, wind and hydropower), serving utilities, industries, financial institutions and indipentent developers for clean energy projects.

MEC advises and supports its clients on concept and process engineering and technology for gas processing, LNG, GTL projects. We also provide strategic planning and advisory for renewable energies.

For the Energy Transition, MEC services include:

  • Concept and Process Engineering
  • Process Technology
  • Key Process Equipment Design
  • Supply of Critical Components
  • Supply of Critical Equipment
  • Owner Engineering
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Technical Consulting