Gas Monetization

MEC advises and supports its clients on concept engineering and project management basis for the onshore and offshore gas processing, refining, LNG, GTL and Pipeline projects. We also advise on License and EPC package basis through alliances with leading process licensors.

MEC applies basic engineering and concept-to-completion expertise to ensure optimal returns on investment in all hydrocarbons projects.

  • Gas Monetization
  • LNG infrastructures, pipeline systems and gas processing
  • GTL (gas-to-liquids), refining and petrochemicals
  • Modular refineries, plug-and-play solutions to process up to 30,000 bdp crude oil
  • Sulphur Solutions, proven solutions for all sulphur recovery efficiency and capacity ranges
  • Gas Processing Solutions, removal of CO2, H2O, Sulphur and Mercury to upgrade natural gas or biogas to pipeline specifications

For the Gas Monetization, MEC services include:

  • Concept and Process Engineering
  • Feasibility Studies, technical and economical evaluation
  • Project Management Consulting (PMC)
  • Owner Engineering
  • Key process equipment design and technology due diligence