At each stage of the chemicals value chain, there are opportunities for business exposure, from the raw material extraction, downstream chemical manufacturing and processing, to recycling or disposal of the chemical waste.

Supporting clients to develop opportunities with evolving technologies, MEC understands the complex array of risks and opportunities of the chemical industry, as new feedstock sources, production technologies and digital transformations, and supports clients on their journey to the next generation of performance and agility through high-end advisory.

Combining practical and real-world experiences, MEC provide solutions to a number of subsectors of the chemical industry:

  • Petrochemicals: ethylene and oxo-chemical chains
  • Polymers: PP, PE, PVC, resins
  • Inorganic Chemicals: nitrogen and chlorine chain, ammonia and fertilizers processes
  • Specialty Chemicals: additives, high-value chemicals, catalysts
  • Bio-based chemicals: biopolymers, bio-based additives
  • Gas Processing Solutions, removal of CO2, H2O, Sulphur and Mercury to upgrade natural gas or biogas to pipeline specifications
  • Hydrogen, Syngas and Biogas

For the Chemical market, MEC advises its clients with:

  • Concept and Process Engineering
  • Owner Engineering
  • Project Management Consulting (PMC)
  • Strategic planning
  • Financial Analysis of Investments
  • Market Opportunities Identification
  • M&A Opportunity Advisory